Frequently asqued questions

How does Genesis find the optimal schedule?

Genesis has all the information it needs to find the optimal solution in memory. It operates automatically and is capable of identifying the best scheduling solution, based on complex algorithms, statistical data, staff unavailability data, and all user-specific priorities and rules. In seconds, Genesis can sift through thousands of possibilities and choose the optimal schedule.

Can you specify certain priorities and complex rules?

Yes. You can specify multiple priority levels for each employee. You can even be more specific by indicating the time when priorities must apply. Genesis also allows you to create your own custom rules. The possibilities are endless, and that’s what makes Genesis such a remarkable solution.

Can I enter the dates when each employee will be on vacation or unavailable in advance?

Yes. You can browse the calendar to enter vacation dates or any other information you wish, far in advance. Genesis remembers the dates of all changes so you can make the desired schedule modifications.

Our group changes from year to year. How does Genesis deal with changes?

Whether you hire new employees or add new positions, rules, or priorities, all changes will apply on the date you set. Genesis is very flexible and can easily adapt to your changes.

Can Genesis combine shifts when the group is short on personnel?

Certainly. You can combine shifts for greater flexibility when you are short on personnel. Genesis will combine two shifts into one if it does not see any other possibilities.

With Genesis, can I manage a situation where certain members want to work together on certain assignments?

Yes. Genesis allows you to impose certain conditions on assignments so you can have members work together.

Is it possible to have online access to the schedules?

Yes, the schedules can be consulted online at our website. You can even use it to enter and manage vacation, and exchanges proposal online.

Can I consult past weekly and yearly schedules?

Certainly. Genesis keeps all past weekly and yearly schedules. You can consult the archive and make changes to the information at any time.

Can I create schedules months or even a year in advance?

Yes. You can specify the number of weeks you wish to schedule. You can even create new schedule pages and choose the tasks you wish to display. This means you can complete schedules for certain positions before others, even a year in advance.

Can I print out personalized reports?

Yes. The schedules and the assignment statistics can be printed using Microsoft Excel. Also, you can modify the models to create personalized reports.

Can Genesis handle part-time employees?

Yes, you have Genesis take into account each person’s part-time hours when completing the schedule. Each individual’s part-time hours can be defined in set or variable days, based on your specifications (e.g., 3 days a week from Monday to Friday or 7 shifts a week [a.m. or p.m.], etc.)

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