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"The features and the practical aspect of the software impressed us, such as: the publication of schedules over 2 months, the synchronization on our smart phone calendars, as well as the possibility to consult them anywhere and anytime."

"It also has statistic functions which provide us, in real time and for the year, daily and on-call working hours for each associate (currently, we have a perfect equity between each associate)."

"Also, managing vacation days can be done individually by each associate through the website. The secretary is no longer overwhelmed with emails and calls, because this task doesn't have to be done by them, anymore. So, the time saved is considerable."

"In the end, the software cost is amortized, roughly, at half year."

Caroline Boulonnais, M.D., Anesthesiologist - Reanimator

SCP Anesthesie-Reanimation

Groupe Courlancy

Reims (France)

A software that has established itself and which would be difficult to do without

"Genesis represents one of the few alternatives available on the market to solve the problem of service scheduling."

"The proposed solution enables us to work both prospectively (planning schedules) and retrospectively (monitoring completed activities). For a structure like ours (25 doctors), the time saved is particularly appreciable."

"Genesis does more than that. Transparency in implementation, acceptance of the service's jointly-defined operating rules, integration with personal agendas and ease of requests, via the dedicated web page, are just some of the benefits."

"Finally, the attentiveness and availability of the support teams are particularly appreciated. All in all, a software package that has made a name for itself, and is now hard to do without."

Grégoire Weil M.D.

Service d'anesthésie

Gustave Roussy cancer campus

Villejuif (France)

This software helps us in multiple ways

"For a couple of years, our team has been using "Exaxe – Genesis". This software helps us in multiple ways by reducing considerably the amount of time required to prepare schedules because of the multiples options offered. The software is also well adapted for a medical team requirements. The Customer service is courteous and processes our requests rapidly. We are highly satisfied of the services and I will not hesitate to recommend this product — Thanks to the Exaxe team."

Antoine Rochette, M.D., FRCPC

Local head of the Radiology department

Saint-Sacrement Hospital (CHU of Quebec)

Quebec (Qc)

Exaxe has been able to adapt Genesis to our needs

"The Anesthesiology department of le Centre hospitalier affilié universitaire de Québec uses the Genesis software to create and manage their physician scheduling needs since 2008. Exaxe has been able to adapt Genesis to our needs as well as respect all the particularities of our department. The elaboration of 3 simultaneous lists for 2 separate facilities while respecting the non availabilities of more than 30 members. This feat is greatly facilitated by Genesis."

Gilles Lacroix, M.D., FRCPC

Scheduling administrator - Department of Anesthesiology

Centre hospitalier affilié universitaire de Québec

Quebec (Qc)

How wonderful to work with this tool

"I just finished my period statistics from January to July 2010. WOW! How wonderful to work with this tool. With new features everything is clearer, easier and much faster. Thank you very much for your good work."

Manon Rivard, Administrative officer

Department of Radiology

Hôpital Saint-Luc, CHUM

Montreal (Qc)

Genesis reduced by 75% the time spent on schedules creation

"Genesis reduced by 75% the time spent on schedules creation while avoiding mistakes: 2 resources for the same activity, missed a resource or forgetting to fill a task. A schedule can be tailor-made, even if the activities within the group are not homogeneous. Days and half days off management stopped causing headaches to our group, any conflict is shown in red so we can make immediate changes without errors. The customer service has exceeded my expectations both technically and by developping group specific rules. The EXAXE team is at the top of their game."

Andre Rivard, M.D.

Scheduling administrator - Department of cardiology

Pierre Boucher Hospital

Longueuil (Qc)

For me it is an indispensable work management tool

"I've been using Genesis since 2007 now. The distribution of work and compilation of the custody list has been greatly accelerated by the use of this software which combines flexibility, friendliness and adaptability. Customer service completes the perfect picture - for me it is an indispensable work management tool."

Pierre Drolet, M.D.

Deputy Head of the Department of Anesthesiology CHUQ

Hotel-Dieu de Quebec

Quebec (Qc)

Genesis helps me save considerable time and energy

"Anyone who's ever been in charge of creating work schedules knows how difficult it is to reconcile everyone's tasks and availability. As the person in charge of schedules, I used to spend an average of over 8 hours a month creating them. Now that I'm using Genesis, I spend less than 2 hours a month on the same task. My schedules are now error free as the software manages tasks according to the skills and availability of each employee and it even solve the equitability issues that we had been encountering. Genesis helps me save considerable time and energy — I'll never go back to the way I used to do things."

Ghislain Brousseau, M.D., FRCPC

Radiology department

of the Laval University hospital (CHUL)

Quebec (Qc)

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