Terms and Conditions

Last revised September 1st, 2014.

Using our licensed services

The rights to use our licensed services required at first to have obtained a license from the company Exaxe. These use rights are governed by this "Agreement" and all other "Contracts" which accompanied the granting of a license. Exaxe grants licenses are non-transferable and all access to its services must be made through an Exaxe software or an authorized web browser.

Privacy policy

The statement of the privacy policy of Exaxe explains how we treat personal data. You can see our policy on this issue by selecting the following link : Privacy policy.

Access to services

To use the services offered by Exaxe, you must first: have a right of access provided specifically by the company Exaxe ; then read and accept the conditions set forth in this Agreement, and any other Contract included with the products and services used. The product and service under licenses must have been paid to the company Exaxe before any usage. Any connection fees or other costs incurred for internet use while using Exaxe products and services will be your responsibility.

Authentication with a username and password

The use of certain products and services of Exaxe requires that the user is authenticated with a username and a password. Sharing an account and information to connect to an account are not allowed, so it is your responsibility to keep this information confidential. Sharing this information voluntarily or failing to protect them, will make you solely responsible for any use of this information. Should you be aware of or suspect that the security of your account has been compromised, you will immediately notify Exaxe (to contact us).


At all times, Exaxe can update the information contained in this Agreement. If it happen, Exaxe will notify his customers of any changes. If the notice of change has not been objected by you 30 days after the mailing of the notice, then the new version of the Agreement will take precedence over any previous version of the Agreement.

In order to improve its products and services, it is possible that Exaxe notifies you of updates for these. The installation or not of the updates are at the sole discretion of the user. However, Exaxe cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the features covered by the updates, following a denial of the install.

Intellectual property

Software applications and services provided by the company Exaxe (including all documents, computer code and software services online) are protected by copyright and belong to the company Exaxe. Exaxe reserves the exclusive right to create derivative works or modify its products and services protected by copyright.

User’s account doesn't give you ownership or other property interest. Thereby, all rights to the accounts are owned by the company Exaxe. Exaxe does not recognize any transfer of accounts and no exemption will be permitted.


It is not allowed to use the products and services of Exaxe for any purpose other than those governed by the laws and regulations. You will not help or participate in any attempt to disrupt Exaxe services or violate the access to these services.


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